Firstly, Sony’s noise-cancelling technology in new Xperia Z2 smartphone is exciting, you can use that instead of iPod.


Xperia Z2 has also other features that may appeal to some people. The phone is expected to come out in March. Sony has not announced a confirmed price yet, though it will sell for $500 to $600 in the U.S (without a contract).



Sony’s Xperia smartphones are distinctive in being waterproof. It’s not something you’ll be needed always, but you might find it useful, if you want to shoot underwater or you work as a lifeguard or if live near beach.

20.7-meagpixel camera
The best thing about Xperia Z2 camera is that it’s clearly far better than the 16MP camera in Samsung Galaxy S5. The lens quality and the focus mechanism are also good.

4K video recording
Xperia Z2 captures video with four times the details as full HD video. 4K is the future, although its little expensive now, but it seems that future smartphone will have 4K as basic feature. It’s for people who want to take high quality video. For normal users wait now for the day 4K becomes more common.

Noise cancellation                                                                                                                                                                                              Xperia Z2 Noise cancellation feature is cool but, it requires special headphones, which Company is selling for$82 (60 euros).

Noise cancellation is made for when you in the office, planes and trains and buses. You choose one in the settings.

The technology works fairly, and it fails to filter the external noise completely.



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