Taj Mahal Mosque – Exploring Agra

Taj Mahal, the fine arts marvel, that’s one amongst the seven wonders within the world, is increased by a building that stands on its western aspect. created of red arenaceous rock, the house of prayer serves 2 functions. As per the Muslim law, having an area of worship close to a sepulture may be a should. At constant time, it balances its reflection that stands on its opposite aspect, the guest house. Thereby, it provides good symmetry to the design of mausoleum on the complete.



Built by Isa Mohammad, the house of prayer faces the direction of Mecca, the Holy City of Muslims. it’s a requirement as prayers area unit performed here. There area unit 2 little arches on the either sides of Iwan, a dominant portal on the outside of the house of prayer. The visuals of the house of prayer area unit increased by 3 domes that area unit marble coated and 4 domes kiosks that accompany marble veneer. this is often a typical style that was followed by Shah Jahan and may be viewed at Jama Masjid in Delhi too.



A visually appealing and elegantly designed floor, created of a velvety red material welcomes the guests. One will find out that it serves the aim of prayer mats during a clearly outlined manner. In total, there area unit 569 such prayer mats. Delicate hand is inscribed within the interiors of the house of prayer whereby the name of God and quotations from the Holy book religious text has been mentioned. The presence of Minbar and Mihbar is what makes the house of prayer visually totally different from the guest house that stands opposite thereto. The Mihrab is an enclosure that points towards the direction wherever Mecca is and wherever Muslims should face to perform salaat or prayers. A Minbar may be a place from that the priest speaks. The ceiling of the house of prayer incorporates a terribly strange style that hypnotizes.
Also, the temporary grave of Mumtaz Mahal, wherever her remains were unbroken for a few time once they were dropped at Agra till they found an area to rest everlastingly lies here within the house of prayer. This house of nineteen feet by vi.5 feet that is confined by stones is found towards the side of the boundary wall close to the well. From this place, her remains were shifted to mausoleum, that is that the gift place within the sepulture.
The verses from the Holy Book religious text and also the name of the God are inscribed abundantly on the exteriors in addition as within the interiors of the house of prayer. within the front of the house of prayer, there’s a platform created of red arenaceous rock. One will see the reflection of mausoleum on a vibrantly polished piece of marble that’s therefore well fitted that it works sort of a mirror.


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