Dry Fruit Shrikhand

I always adore the Gujarati food. They tend to be little sweet though, but as i am having a sweet tooh, i dont mind my meal little bit on a sweeter side. My stay in Gujarat from 2 years has made me so addicted to their delicious food, that i ended up making something which is having its origin somewhere in Gujarat. Shrikhand is made mainly in region of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Well we all know what shrikhand is and how it is made(those who dont know buy it from market). Here is my version of Shrikhand in a very simple and easy way(yummy way)


1 cup Hung curd

3/4 cup Sugar (adjust depending upon the sourness)

1/2 cup Dry fruits, cashews, almonds, raisins, dates (chopped)

2 Cardamom pods, crushed

A pinch of Nutmeg powder

1 tsp Saffron milk (prepared by dissolving 2 strands of saffron in 1 tsp warm milk)



In a bowl add the hung curd, beat well.

Now add sugar and again beat the hung curd.

Now add some cardamom powder.

Pop in almost half of the chopped dry fruits leaving a few to garnish.

Add saffron milk. Give it a good mix


Now transfer it to serving dish and garnish it with dry fruits.

Add one pinch of nutmeg on top.

Shrikhand with dry fruits is ready!


Refrigerate for 4-5 hours if u can hold onn your urge 😉



  1. Looks great! getting Hung curd in the Netherlands though… tricky. Maybe what we call Kwark (English + Quark) would be a good substitute.
    I always like step by step photographs in a recipe too. Thanks!!!


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