Facebook Slingshot 2.0 With Snapchat Stories – Style Features

After launching its Slingshot app in june for Android and iOS-based handsets, Facebook on Dec four declared the updated Slingshot 2.0 app with new options supported user’s feedback.

Slingshot 2.0 users will currently follow their friends, and can see new content divided into shots and reactions tabs – at the side of a replacement swipe-based navigation. within the new app version, the photographs can still expire when twenty four hours, or when the recipient has viewed it.

Also, a replacement Explore section within the catapult a pair of.0 app helps users notice friends and notice catapult creators to follow. Users also can activate notifications. The redesigned app with the power to follow individuals is being compared to Snapchat’s Stories feature, and because the Next internet points out, Slingshot 2.0 users will skip posts and ‘react’ in camera to individual pictures and videos within the feed directly at the side of filters, drawings, and captions. Users are able to preview the reactions before sending.

Some enhancements created within theapp embrace sharing full screen images and looping videos in 2 taps, 5 new photo filters, easy swipe-style design between completely different sections, sharing Slingshot pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. “We’ve created variety of enhancements round the app to create it quicker, a lot of reliable and a lot of pleasant,” additional the web log post.

Notably, in August, Facebook updated its original catapult app adding the ‘reactions to reactions’ feature that allowed a catapult app user to reply (or react) to any reaction with a picture, video or maybe text.

The new Slingshot 2.0 app is on the market for devices running iOS7 and better, & Android 4.1 jelly bean and better.


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