Unseen Taj Mahal- Exploring Agra


When we speak about ‘Taj Mahal‘, the image that is created in one’s mind is of a beautiful white domed marble mausoleum representing the essence of Mughal architecture. And in front of it is a large garden with a reflecting pool dividing it at the center. A monument that symbolizes love standing the test of time.


It was foggy morning, i visited this beautiful white marble Mahal – located in the heart of Agra. From the main entrance, after walking for about a 1 km, we could see the main gate of the Mahal with a mosque on the left and a guest house/meeting house on the right. These symmetric structures on either sides seemed to be built to beautifully balance the great monument. Many neither observe the guest house and the Mosque on either side nor think about symmetry.


As we moved further, it was a lovely view of an elaborate garden with colorful flowers in front of us acting as a foreground to the colossal Mahal and a water tank bisecting this garden of flowers. As I stood in front of this huge Mahal perceiving its lovely reflection in the tank, it was a very blissful experience to me.


Taj Mahal has been built on a square pedestal, which I guess is about 8 to 9 ft above ground level. The intricate designs carved on the entire monument – dome, windows, walls, minaret, roof, floor, spandrel, sepulture will definitely make a viewer dumbfounded. The structure is planned and designed so well that there are even pipes connected to outlet the water that enables draining of rain water. Wow! What a planning during 16th Century, we wondered! We were intrigued by the amount of hard work that would have gone behind building this monument. We really have to admire the patience of a person who did the carvings! We were also amazed by the cost involved in building this priceless monument in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz!


But this posh monument made me to contemplate about my previous day’s view of Taj Mahal from the banks of river Yamuna that gave me totally different perspectives.


With that thought, its the end of Exploring Agra Series. I would encourage you to share your thoughts on this series of mine. I will be back with my other Travel series and will post very soon talking about another experience that I had in other cities.



  1. Beautiful photographs, and a lot of information I didn’t know about the Mahal before. Because of the millions of photographs of just the main building I didn’t realise that there were others in symmetry either side of it… these are the kind of details that I really love when learning more about somewhere new.
    Great post… Thanks! 🙂


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