First time on clickit AB, i am posting stuff like ths, its is written by my very dear sister…she has taken her first step in writing. I had promised her that i will publish it on my site, please read it and give your feedback.

Through my semi-conscious state, I heard the distant sound of a telephone ringing and the nurse was trying to wake me up. I woke up and regained my consciousness. The nurse gave me the phone and it was my father on the line. He was very happy and applauding me and said, “Well done my child, I’m proud of u”. I did not utter a word and kept quiet. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. But the thing I knew was that I had done something worth for my father to applaud me.
Yet I was clueless about how I landed into the hospital. I racked my brain and tried to recollect what had happened. It was then, I could visualise some things.
It was 7:30 in the morning, as I had set off for my school down the road. It was exam time! And it was my last and easy paper! And naturally I was in a very jolly mood. I was fantasizing things I would do after exams are over.
On the other side were small children who also seemed to be very happy and running down the road joyfully. I then noticed a car coming at its very peak speed towards these children. And what happened further was at a blink of eye.
I tried to call and wave them to move aside. But they were too engrossed to hear that. I rushed towards them and asked all of them to move aside, but one small boy was left there on the road. I ran for him, the car had almost reached and I held him aside. I was hit by the car and injured. All I could sense was fear running down my veins and thoughts of me not appearing for my paper. The reactions of my parents and teachers added to my fear. That’s all I can remember and I opened my eyes in the hospital.
The nurse saw me worried and lost in my thoughts when she said, “there is nothing to worry about and due to sudden situation you had become unconscious. You’ll be alright soon”. The door opened and I saw my parents with a broad smile on their faces and sparkle of pride in their eyes. Dad hugged me and said, “You did what exactly you should have done.”
My mom told me that they had been to my school and had a talk with the principal. Principal too was happy and proud to hear about her student’s good deed. She agreed to give me passing marks and also felicitate me in front of the whole school.
At the end of this hustle-bustle, I was very contented with myself. I had realised the importance of life. I had learnt that no other thing whether it’s a job, an exam or any other task for that matter is not important than someone’s life. For, that task or thing may be done again later on but once life gone will never come back.


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