The “Adjustable” Nation- India

Crowd Train

We, Indians, are a special breed of people who adjust everywhere.
We are an adjustment Nation. Today I am trying to explore the the humble phrase  the Indianised version of the Queen’s English words “Kindly Adjust”!
We even have phrases for them. In a packed Bus, we can hear various version of “Adjustment”;

“Jara Adjust Kara, Swalpa adjust maadi, Konjam Adjust pannungo, Kuruch Adjust cheyyu, Tanik Adjust Kijiye, Thoda Jugaad karo.

In Queen’s Indian English, “Please adjust” is one of the most commonly used phrases in our daily life. If the Road is full of Pot Holes, the Food is less than enough, the Bus is fully packed, If you do not have exact change to buy the ticket, If your Radiator leaks water, your vehicle refuses to start, this phrase, today, has become a synonym to describe the Indian Way of Life!

The definition of “Jugaad” in the is “Jugaad literally means a work around, which have to be used because of lack of resources and/or will power. This is a hindi term also widely used by people speaking other Indian languages, and people of Indian origin around the word.”

Ubiquitous “Jugaad” is a colloquial Hindi word that means a quick-easy-dirty fix or a resource that can be used as such or a person who can suggest, conjure or implement a quick-easy-dirty fix.

Even though in everyday life, a Jugaad can be a solution, in context of Management, Jugaad is essentially a person who has some special capability or access to a resource or even access to another Jugaad that can be useful under extreme or special circumstances.

We are passionate about helping others especially if it does not inconvenience us commercially or does not require us to move mountains by effort. We are a lazy breed that will never help unless asked!

It seems that these phrases have become National Motto. Nothing wrong with it, it shows the Indian tolerance and ingenuity at the face of severe adversity that a common man has to go every passing day.

An Old lady or an old man standing in a bus may use the phrase to acquire a little place on an already occupied seat in a extremely crowded Bus. A patient may use the phrase to a Doctor imploring him to give a Room instead of the general ward! “Swalpam Adjust Maadi or Konjam Adjust pannango “ has the power to make the mountains move!

Where ther was not an inch space, Centimeters emerge on the mere mention of these magical words!

When the mechanic is talking of 5 digit repairs to your humble Maruti, the mere mention of “Jugaad” will enable you to drive for months, often, at the cost of a humble Bubble Gum!

We, Indians, are a nation which adjusts at a drop of a hat every single day.

I am sure that even the Englishmen and the English Women (forget the world population) have not tried to use this phrase in the original context of what it means for us Indians!

Queen’s English has been accepted, taken over, conquered and chewed upon by us.

Serves them right……for colonialising us for two centuries!

You see, we do not forget easily…….

Hasta La Vista English, See you later in a completely Indianised avatar!



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