My Christmas Special Menu


It’s Christmas! That time of the year when your house is laced with shades of green, red and white. The coniferous is trimmed, shaved and adorned. The mystical Frosty comes to life and stands guard in your backyard. It’s that time of the year when you double-check your wishlist and wait for the rotund man in red to grant all your desires.Chestnuts roast over the bonfire, the ginger bread house positions itself elegantly in the room and minced pies, turkey, puddings and fruit cakes adorn your dinner table.

Christmas marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, a spiritual leader in Christianity, whose teachings form the foundation of the religion. The Christmas dinner is the exuberant feast that commemorates Christmas Eve. Over the years, Christmas has ceased to be a strict Catholic practice and has been embraced by people across culture and religion. What makes Christmas a unique affair is its ability to be religious and secular at the same time. It changes with change in geography. Every culture elicits a different custom and shares a different tale. We’re familiar it all things Christmassy, but do you know the story behind some of these traditions? My Christmas Menu 🙂

1.Mince Pies


2.Ginger Bread House

The ritual of making houses from ginger biscuits and cookies became popular after ‘The Grimm Brothers’ included this concept in their story, Hansel and Gretel.

3.Roasted Chicken with Mushroom and Wine Sauce

You are in for a real treat with this recipe. Roasted chicken seeped in white wine and served with herby mushrooms.


almond cake



Enjoy..and wish you all merry christmas :):)

Dont be Bad..Be a FoodMad



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