Beat The Hangover


Coconut water is a natural healer

“Coconut water contains potassium which helps in fighting the hangover,” says Loveneet Batra, clinical nutritionist, Fortis La Femme, New Delhi. A night of binge drinking leaves the body dehydrated and sluggish. “Coconut water is also an isotonic solution that replenishes the body and hydrates it,” clarifies Dr Kanika Malhotra, Clinical nutritionist, Healthcare at Home, Delhi. It is not only high in magnesium but also low in fat and cholesterol. So the next time you are bitten by the alcohol bug, grab some fresh coconut water for a quick hangover fix.

Load up on carbs

If you want to beat that headache, its advisable to pack a carb loaded breakfast. “Alcohol can leave you feeling tired and exhausted,” says Batra. “Complex carbohydrates and low fat protein foods such as egg whites and whole wheat breads provide the body with energy and replenish it,” she advises. Alcohol also makes the blood glucose levels drop.”Your liver is far too busy metabolising alcohol to produce more glucose to fix your low blood sugar, but the carbohydrates bring your levels back and make the body active,” adds Malhotra.

Salt makes it worse

On the contrary, a little salt can go a long way to help you recover. “Adding a pinch of salt to lime water will help replenish the sodium levels in the body that are lost after the consumption of alcohol,” says Batra. Alcohol is a diuretic and a lot of sodium in the body is lost after consuming too much of it. “Salt corrects the electrolyte imbalance in the system,” she says.

Get some sleep

This does not mean that you should sleep all day. “It is extremely important to get sleep for at least eight hours,” says Batra.

Drinking beer helps cure a hangover

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not the cure for the morning aftermath. “In fact it will make you feel worse and increase the hangover symptoms,” says Malhotra. She adds, “The body is already trying to process all the toxins from the previous night and adding some more alcohol could aggravate the effect and slow down the process.” So, if you had included a pint of beer in your hangover aid kit, it’s time to think again!
“Anything more than that will make you feel more lazy and tired,” she goes on to add. “The key is to make sure it is uninterrupted or else the hangover effect can worsen,” she advises. So try not to sleep for more than eight hours because it won’t be of any help!


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