Breeds Of Cats- India


Many people consider their pets as a member of the family, and treat
them with love and respect. Mutual feeling appears oftenly, as cats
seek us to be petted, out to play, just simply sit in our laps. They
provide unconditional affection, devotion and love. Pets help an
individual mentally and physically to achieve a happy and healthy
life. Many people want to buy or take home a pet and consider and
treat him with love and respect consider as their family member. Cats
are wonderful and one should always have one their life. They make the
perfect pet because of their intelligence, self-sufficiency and they
are good as a companion.

In India many people keep pet as cats to scare away the mice, and also
some people associate black magic with a cat (Black cats especially).
If a cat crosses the way, we should not walk past, its the most
bizzarre superstition related to the cats in India. Its just a
superstition because it maens no sense. Its all HOAX…!!!!!!
So, the question arises should we have cat a pet? YES of course, is
the answer. Cats are creatures with whom we can share a world. If we
see wisely towards cats, they teach us about loyalty, empathy and
Cat resembles a tiger, its body is covered with silky, soft and bouncy
fur/hair which comforts you. Cats eyes definately sparkles your dull
mood, they are very gentle and they love playing, espcially with small


1) Himalayan Cat– It is also known colour point persian. These breed
of cat has white body mostly, brown, red and cream can also be found.
As its name appears that its indian origins, but its main origin is
from persians. Easily available in India, cat is extremely fluffy and
hair/fur long, its attraction is the points of a siamese and blue

2) Bombay Cat:- These is a Asian breed originates from black cats.  In
India they are found in 2 varieties- The British & American Bombay.
Bombay type is a agile cat with a black coat and its muscular. Heads
are with a short tapered muzzle and wide and rounded. Eyes are medium,
sizerd and colour is copper or golden. Easily available in Pet shops
in India.

3) Maine Coon Cat:- These breed is the worlds best breed and it is
easily available in India. They are good and cute in nature, fun and
loving cats spcially with small kids. They can live in both the
climates i.e hot or cold

4) RUSTY SPOTTED CAT:- These breed you can find the most in India.
Being non-harmfull, they are very well suited to India’s climate.
These cats are grey in colour. All over theer back and flanks is
covered with rusty spots and white large dark spots in underbelly
part. Easily available and most fav in India

5) SPHYNX:- These breed is also known as the Naked Climber. this cats
climbs anything and is very athletic, energetic and liovely. They have
sans fur, and have different skin colours. They demand high attention
but they are loving and loyal.

One needs to have patience to deal with the animal with a lots of
care, affection and love. Let us be close and cherish for each other always.



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