Stress Is Actually Good For You


Stress is a complicated thing. We spend most of our lives trying to keep it at arms’ length and then it turns out that stress isn’t all the evil it is made out to be. Stress when taken with a pinch of salt, can often act as the constructive critic in your life, says a recent study from Stanford University.

The researchers claim that even the most traumatic stress can often help us grow stronger mentally and sharpen our cognitive functions. Undergoing stress also helps in gaining new perspectives and opening up better connections with people. The more we view stress with a disabling mindset, the less likely that we will learn from it and apply to our life further down the road. But of course, this doesn’t mean you let go of your serenity and go seeking trouble. In simpler words, if we can make ourselves view a certain stressful situation as helpful, we have better chances of dealing with the consequences.


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