Reasons Dogs Are The Best Snugglers


They don’t care if you have morning breath and your hair looks a mess. The unconditional love is just that — free of judgment and full of warmth. They don’t notice your flaws, and they help you celebrate your successes with a good snuggle.

They can get comfortable in any position! It still baffles me how Annie can just curl up into the smallest crevice between the couch cushions and fall asleep. If humans could do that, we would probably be a much more rested group — imagine how productive we would be for four solid hours if we slept for 20 hours!

They make great neck pillows. Odd, I know. But my 7-pound Annie continually snuggles up on the top of the couch, so when we lean back, she’s right there behind our necks. She loves it though, so we’re not complaining.

When you tear up watching that horrible Lifetime movie for the fifth time (but will never admit to!) and your dog looks at you with those it’s-OK-I-won’t-tell-anyone eyes, and you just melt. Nothing matters except that you’re spending time with him or her. And they’ll forever keep your affinity for made-for-TV movies and B list actors a secret.

They’re great for your health. Raise your hand if you feel better when you see your dog! It has been proven that petting your dog (or your feline friend) has many health benefits including reduced stress. We’re full swing into the most stressful time of year with family visits, shopping and holiday baking, so it’s the perfect time to have a buddy to help you de-stress.  Other health benefits for pet owners include lower blood pressure, increased longevity, and improved survival rates after heart attacks.

Whether you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy into your home for the first time, or you’re a lifelong dog parent, there are endless reasons why canines hold a special place in our hearts (and on our couches!).

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