Is RYNO’s Single-Wheel Electric Scooter Cooler than a Segway?

ryno single wheel

RYNO Motors’ single-wheeled electric scooter is self-balancing, has a turning radius of zero when stopped, and only takes up about as much space as a folding bicycle — so it’s conceivable that commuters could bring one onto a train. Plus, it looks like it fell out of a Japanese anime.

However, it only has a maximum range of 20 miles between charges, a top speed that is limited to 12.5 mph (the actual top speed of 25 mph is limited to keep the RYNO scooter within the more relaxed legal boundaries of “personal mobility scooters”),and it looks like it fell out of a Japanese anime — yes, for some people, that last point is as much a con as it is a pro.

With an expected release date of January 2013 and an MSRP of $4,500, the RYNO scooter is, in my opinion, a compelling last-mile option for commuters. But is RYNO’s scooter cooler than a Segway? Would you want to be seen riding one? Check it out in the video above and let us know your opinion the comments section below.

(Via Devour and RYNO Motors)



  1. I’m dubious. If the release date was January 2013 and we haven’t heard anything about this gadget in the 2 years since then, my conclusion is that it must have landed with a giant thud. In any event, reinventing the Segway is a pretty poor move to begin with. Who wants a redesigned Ford Edsel? It’s still a Ford Edsel.

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