iPhone 6 versus Galaxy S5


In the world of smartphones, there are two mainstream important firms, who have always locked horns amongst themselves and have always tried to get a better hand upon each other. These two companies are namely Apple and Samsung, two of the leading companies producing the greatest and facility enabled smartphones. They have continuously supplied the market with great gizmo gadgets for a long span of time. The level of competition between the companies has reached a newer level, where the quality of improvement of mobile phones is constantly on. Thus, in the near future, we can expect many newer innovations from these two giants of this particular business of production of smart phones. Thus, two of the most popular smart phones of these companies, iPhone6 and Galaxy S5 are almost similar in features and capability. Let us go through the detailed case study of both these priced yet extra cool gadgets.

Design is one of the first features that a customer expects from a particular handset. The elegance and flamboyancy in carrying those sets are of two different types and the buyer can go for a review of both these sets and reassess which one to buy,iPhone 6: 6.9mm thick and the finishing of anodized black aluminum. This gives the phone an elegant and charming look for those who prefer any shades of black.Galaxy S5: 8.1mm thick plastic black with the feature of water resistance. This feature gives it an edge over iPhone6.Thus, conclusively, iPhone 6 stands much sleeker and slimmer than Galaxy S5. Although Galaxy S5 has its say on being water resistant and more durable plastic cover.In terms of grip, iPhone 6 is much more convenient to hold and possess one of the best gripping features a smartphone can possibly offer. Galaxy S5 has improved gripping and provides solid protection to the screen. After facing criticism for giving poor quality of plastic in its previous version, S5 has debugged and rectified the rear grip as well, having finer quality plastic.

A quality smartphone should have attractive screen. After all, screen plays the most important part in your phone, i.e. display.
Galaxy S5 uses AMLOED screens display, and possess full HD display. The size of the screen is 5.1 inches, 1920 x 1980 resolutions pixelate. This distinctly gives a greater view and superb contrast, allowing a better vision and display to the user.
iPhone 6 uses IPS screen display. This gives a great view and display pattern to the set and all the required parameters, like contrast, color, brightness is just picture perfect. This possesses the better of the contrast ratios over S5.
iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 have distinct quality of display. The quality of the display in all circumstances and vision is monitored over which, Galaxy has a slight upper hand over iPhone, although extremely marginal or a negligible difference remains only.

Storage is yet one close competition between iPhone and Galaxy, which has been a revelation and modernized over their previous models. Here is the difference between two sets,
Galaxy S5 has 16GB internal storage and even has 32 GB version too. The memory is expandable up to 128 GB. This is a feature, which allows greater storage of useful software or files.
iPhone offers ranges of 16GB, 64GB, 128GB ranges respectively. Although the possession of external memory is not present in this case, the cost range of each of these handsets of different size volumes comes at a very expensive price that depends from storage to storage. Thus, this plays an important role is suggesting the clear winner.
As of the last line of previous paragraph, it is quite clear that iPhone 6 surely lags behind Galaxy S5 when it comes to storage capacity. The pocket pinch of iPhone 6 of a greater volume is way expensive than the top model of Galaxy S5 and gives more or less the same number of features.

Conclusively, iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 are two of the best sets at the market simply for its quality of features as well as for style statement. Some situations arise, where S5 gets better of iPhone 6 and vice versa as well. Now it’s up to the buyer to chooses between the two.


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