HTC RE Camera


Many believe that smartphones have turned United States into trigger-happy zombies WHO would rather capture a complete concert on video than truly fancy the show. we do not actually need to debate regarding their beliefs here, however we’d prefer to highlight one thing: the convenience of fishing out your smartphone from the pocket to capture a flash is unequaled. in addition, this candybar-shaped device within your pocket is quick turning into a quite capable shooter that may now and then provide several digital cameras a last their cash.

On the opposite finish of the spectrum, there square measure sports and action cameras just like the GoPro Hero series which may be a good companion for folks that need to dabble in an exceedingly little of journey videography. Here again, the main target is on hands-free operation.

Design and specifications
One investigate the HTC RE and its style instantly reminds individuals, and us, of Associate in Nursing inverted asthma attack inhalator or a optical instrument. Like HTC’s claims, the distinctive style of the RE is so a natural slot in the palm and feels snug to carry. Although, the polycarbonate body of the RE would possibly cause it to feel slippery now and then. The 65g weight of the camera makes it pretty light-weight similarly.htc_re_

The fairly massive optical lens peeks out of the front. The shutter button is placed on the rear and intentionally the thumb naturally reaches for it once the camera is command within the hand. We’ve not seen such a sensible style on a product in an exceedingly lasting. Click it once to capture a picture and press it for 2 seconds to capture a video. there’s conjointly Associate in Nursing diode indicator on the shutter. Another button lies within the undersurface of the lens on the front. This button may be a toggle for slow-motion video capture. Below this button, is Associate in Nursing diode indicator light-weight for battery level. On the highest of the RE, may be a electro-acoustic transducer for capturing sounds in video. The Micro-USB port for charging, a microSD card slot (HTC bundles Associate in Nursing 8GB card with the RE and it supports cards upto 128GB in capacity), and a regular 1/4-inch stand socket – all sit at rock bottom of the RE.

The 16-megapixel HTC RE incorporates a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensing element by Sony. The sensing element within the RE is larger than the majority smartphone cameras. However, the f/2.8 aperture size is far smaller as compared. The lens will go as wide as 146-degree in Ultra-Wide mode and in default mode it captures 100-degree fisheye footage. The camera also can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps and 4x motion-picture show video at 720p. there’s no optical image stabilisation however HTC compensates for it by providing bitmap stabilisation, which may be switched on from the companion app. HTC conjointly provides Associate in Nursing possibility for time-lapse video capture a la Hyperlapse by Instagram.

The coolest facet of the HTC RE is that the indisputable fact that it does not very have an influence button and instead there’s a grip-sensor that wakes up the RE upon grip-detection. It works cleanly each single time. there’s conjointly a rotating mechanism that comes into play once the camera is turned inverted and switches the orientation of the image consequently. there’s Associate in Nursing choice to disable this feature within the companion app. The HTC RE is additionally IP57 compliant which implies that it may be submerged up to 1m within water for a most half-hour. One also can acquire a water-resistant cap that will increase the rating to IP58 and keeps the RE protected beneath up to 3m of water for one hundred twenty minutes. in addition, there square measure several different accessories for the RE, as well as a motorcycle mount.

HTC rates the 820mAh battery within the RE to last one hour and fifty minutes of continuous FHD recording. we have a tendency to got near one hour and forty six minutes of footage, that is kind of near the HTC’s claims. in an exceedingly totally different situation, we have a tendency to shot near 800 odd pictures and also the battery still had some juice left, that may be a range abundant over what ancient compact digital cameras will claim, not to mention reach. In any case, HTC claims that REwill capture near 1200 pictures.


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