Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G vs Yu Yureka- Mi vs Yu

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G vs Yu Yureka

To start off, each Redmi Note and Yureka square measure good devices and provide rather more than what the competition offers for a similar value. Xiaomi started off with redefining the market with its low-cost, elegant and powerful devices, however currently it’s attending to face robust competition from Yu (considering they need a lot of devices within the pipeline). Let’s clear the gap with a fast specifications comparison.

Storage & RAM
Both pack the similar DDR3 based mostly 2GB of RAM providing enough area for multitasking and running apps swimmingly. returning to the inner storage, Yureka offers 16GB of in-built storage and Redmi Note will 8GB. Having a lot of of internal storage is helpful as there’s a lot of area to put in apps and store alternative media, however Redmi Note ain’t less either noting that it offers growth upto 64GB employing a Coyote State card whereas Yureka is restricted to 32GB solely. So, if you’re one amongst people who install millions of apps, Yureka offers a lot of area, whereas if you would like to store millions of media, Xiaomi’s Note 4G could be a higher possibility.

Operating System
Operating System is {an square measurea|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} wherever each the devices are entirely completely different. whereas Cynogen still tries to keep up an identical UI as Stock automaton, Xioami’s MIUI is totally completely different. Cynogen is thought to be stable, a lot of feature wealthy and customizable whereas MIUI whereas being stable still offers restricted level of customization. MIUI adapts a program kind of like that of iOS that is significantly completely different than that offered available automaton. Developer support for MIUI is big and same goes for Cynogen, however as Xiaomi launches devices internationally, it attracts plenty of attention towards every individual device. Whereas, Yureka is presently solely restricted to Asian country and there might not be the maximum amount attention given by Cynogen developers the maximum amount as what Redmi Note 4G can get from MIUI developers. Still, attributable to the options, Cynogen will have a grip over MIUI.

Camera department is pretty similar with each devices giving 13MP and 5MP back and front cameras severally. Yu Yureka but will obtain the camera CMOS from Sony that might prove higher than what Xiaomi picked up for its Redmi Note 4G. each will do 1080p recording and Slo-Mo. Yureka is claimed to realize upto 120fps for Slo-Mo with the forthcoming cynogen update.

Both the devices support the 4G LTE bands being employed in Asian country and each are ready to connect with the obtainable 4G, 3G and 2G networks. alternative property choices like Bluetooth four.0, GPS and wireless fidelity are similar for each these devices. returning to the physical connectors, the Redmi Note 4G brings with it a MicroUSB a pair of.0 connective that supports USB OTG (On the Go). Yureka conjointly packs an identical MicroUSB a pair of.0 connective, however OTG capability are some things not well-known nonetheless and USB OTG possibility is offered still.

Battery capability & Backup
There is a substantial distinction once we observe the battery as Xiaomi powers its Redmi Note 4G with an enormous 3100 mAh Li-Po battery whereas Yureka’s 2500 mAh one packs a lot of lesser juice. whereas Yu will state that the processor is a smaller amount power hungry and OS level optimizations improve the battery backup by twenty fifth, the backup numbers provided by Yu stand a lot of not up to those provided by Xiaomi. Battery is a crucial facet and that we ought to sit up for the devices to land into the market to examine however sensible the important world backup is, however things don’t sound sensible for the Yureka that ought to be perpetually hungry for power attributable to its huge screen and a strong processor.

Price & Bottom Line
It looks that was it. Over to you to finally create a judgment of going with one amongst these. each the devices square measure outstanding considering what the terms and what the opposite competition is giving. Yureka, priced at ₹8999 outstands the Redmi Note 4G that prices ₹9999 in some areas, however lacks significantly once it involves the battery capability. Also, sexual union are one more reason to lean towards the Redmi Note 4G.


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