Android-Compatible Smartwatch That Will Not Require Charging

swatch test adi toro

Swatch, one of the world’s biggest watchmakers, is planning to take on the upcoming Apple Watch launching its own smartwatch in roughly the same time-frame – within the next 90 days. The Apple Watch will begin shipping in April.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said the smartwatch would rely on NFC to connect with smartphones, and that it would be compatible with Android and Windows software. For now, there is no indication of whether the smartwatch would be compatible with iPhones.

While the specifications of the Swatch’s smartwatch are still a mystery, its Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek stated that the Internet-connected wearable would not have to be charged. This might be a huge plus point for the company, as all smartwatches from major manufacturers till date, including the upcoming Apple Watch, need to be charged separately. Some, like the Apple Watch, need to be charged daily.

Bloomberg says Swatch has much experience with smartwatch-related technology, which includes long-lasting batteries. Swatch’s sub-brand Tissot has been making touchscreen watches since 1999.

Swatch is also said to be competing with Apple on the grounds of mobile payment system, Apple Pay. As per the report, Swatch is in talks with Switzerland’s two largest retailers, named Migros and Coop, for its mobile payment system. However, the Cupertino firm seems to be strides ahead of its Swiss competitor, with Apple Pay having seen much adoption across retailers and banks already since its launch in September.

Rest assured, with both the tech giant and a major watchmaker releasing their smartwatches, the months of April and May will definitely be the most important months this year in the wearable-tech industry.


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