Dumbas Beach, Surat-Gujarat


This beach with its stark black sand is located along the Arabian Sea just 13 miles (21 kms) from the city of Surat. 

The tourists that come to shop do not know Dumas is considered one of the most haunted beaches in India. The locals however are well aware of this since most have encountered these spirits that seem to inhabit even the air. We had this idea that this was a swimming beach or a sunbathing beach. Big surprise. Its not.Dumas Beach Dumbas Beach.. Dumbas Beach

People sit around and just enjoy each others company. The whole shore looks as if birds just poop there. Or its very dirty.

Went on a camel ride though. Took some photos at sunset. It looks like local guys bring their Chics here as like an outdoor outing. Its okay if you have time, if not. Go see a better place. I give 3 stars because I was amazed that this was actually what people call a beach. If you want waves and wanna walk on the beach, this isn’t the place to go to.Dunas is the best place and the only place in Surat for leisure. Here you can enjoy camel ride, and surti bhajiyas!!


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