Kala Ghoda Art Festival

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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is one of the largest cultural art festivals not just in India, but in the world. Kala Ghoda Festival has over 400 multicultural events across 12 categories. ALL EVENTS at the nine days Kala Ghoda Festival are FREE to the public.

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How To Reach Kala Ghoda?

The closest Local Railway stations to Kala Ghoda are “Churchgate Station” on the Western Railway Line (1.5 Kms) and “VT/CST” on the Central Railway Line (1.5 Kms).

From both these stations, there are many buses to Kala Ghoda. Take any bus that goes to Fort, Regal or Colaba. They all stop near Kala Ghoda.

Visitors can also walk to Kala Ghoda from Churchgate and VT Stations.

 Organizers of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is organized by the “Kala Ghoda Association”. Art galleries, cultural institutions and individuals from the Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda precinct formed the “Kala Ghoda Association” to conserve the unique heritage of Kala Ghoda – Mumbai’s premier art district. In addition to organizing India’s largest cultural art festival, the association is also involved in improving the physical infrastructure in and around Kala Ghoda.



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