Nikon Launches New Selfie Stick for Coolpix Cameras


Nikon has come out with a new selfie stick that is compatible with a range of its Coolpix compact cameras.

The stick, named N-MP001, is a standard Nikon-branded selfie stick that attaches to compatible cameras via the tripod mount and allows you to “conveniently and easily take self-portrait photos”.

The Japanese company said its selfie stick is compatible several cameras in its range of Coolpix compact cameras, growing from 7.28 inches in its compact form to 28.54 inches when fully extended.

The stick weighs roughly 0.19kgs itself and has the ability to support a camera of up to 0.4kgs. The bottom of the stick has a foam grip for comfortable holding and a hand strap that lets you carry the stick around when it’s not in use.

Unlike newer selfie sticks, which are designed for smartphones and come with wireless shutter releases for triggering shots, Nikon’s new offering is somewhat primitive by comparison.

It simply attaches to your camera and positions it further away from you than your arm can reach – you’ll need to come up with your own strategy for triggering the shots, such as using the camera’s self timer.

Selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but the pushback is getting stronger as well. Many museums and public venues are issuing bans on the sticks for the safety and enjoyment of their visitors and attendees.


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