Kickstart Your Day with Surya Namaskar


Do you want to turn your life around for the better? Do you want to enjoy good health, good looks, and good mental balance? Then surya namaskars are your mantra to all of these.

All you need is a 6X2 space, 15 minutes of time, and a good yoga mat.

Versatility and Flexibility


Surya namaskar is a very versatile form of exercise. A blistering run through of 12 surya namaskars can be a complete cardio workout. If you want to relax, then you can take your own sweet time in gliding from one asana to the next. Holding certain postures for a long time can also enhance your strength.


Stretch it like a Gymnast


Have you ever envied the effortless ease with which gymnasts do full splits? Do you dream of doing headstands and handstands? If you do, then you can inch your way to greater flexibility by doing surya namaskars. It is said that the spine is the seat of good health. Surya namaskars stretch your spine in almost all directions, except sideways. They also stretch almost all the major muscle groups in your body.

A daily dollop of Vitamin D


What’s better than greeting the sun outdoors? Just go to your terrace and unroll your mat. Exposure to the sun’s rays before 8 in the morning works wonders for your health. So you have every reason to get out of bed and onto your mat.

Surya namaskars rejuvenate the both body and the mind. They help relieve anxiety and release tension. If you practice them frequently, you’ll find that you focus on tasks better.

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