You Can Be Healthy On A Budget


No really, it is possible! And we’re here to prove it, says Ellie Moss

Fancy gyms and high-end fitness wear are awesome. Who doesn’t love to browse the fancy pants on the Lucas Hugh website or get their sweat on at Barry’s Bootcamp? But splashing the cash is in no way essential for healthy living or a hot bod.

Don’t get us wrong we all love saving up for that must-have Sweaty Betty gym bag, treating ourselves to a few classes at a posh new spin studio, or splashing out on on a pre-hol delivery diet, but you’re every day healthy regime needn’t come with such a high price tag.

Don’t believe us? This issue we’ve made it our mission to get you the very best results, with the absolute minimum spend. And it’s not as difficult as you might think!

But first you have to get in the right mindset! Get started with our top tips:

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1. Be inventive

Sometimes being healthy on a budget means you have to think outside the box. For example, eating lots of veggies is key to a healthy diet – but if you pick frozen over fresh (which are equally as nutritious) you’ll save a packet. And if the cost of a gym is crippling you, take your workouts outside instead. You’ll have to use your imagination a bit, but a park can provide hundreds of opportunities for a great workout – you can use steps and benches for step-ups, jump squats, bulgarian split squats or tricep dips; do mini sprints up any inclines; use playground equipment to do pull-ups; and let’s face it, you can do burpees anywhere!

2. Be prepared

On of the essential aspects of getting in shape on a budget is – as the Scouts would no-doubt agree – being prepared. We’re talking making your own healthy lunches at home rather than buying them; making and carrying your own healthy snacks; always bringing your own water bottle from home for classes/workouts and having a well-planned workout schedule so you don’t lose interest and head back to the gym.

3. Do your research

Half the battle when trying to keep costs down is being well informed. So in this special we’re aiming to just that, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to smash those goals with minimal outlay. But it’s worth doing your own research too. Check out cheap fitness options in your local area like free run clubs; hunt down bargain bulk-buy shops; suss out which friends you can persuade into doing park workouts, home workouts and runs with you; and check out healthy food bloggers for some healthy/cheap inspo.

4. If, then

Having a plan for any unexpected scenarios is also key. For example if rain means my park workout is off then I’ll do an online workout at home instead; or if my friend fancies a meal out after our workouts then I’ll invite them round for a healthy meal at mine instead. It’s a strategy top psychologist Walter Mischel recommends in his book The Marshmallow Experiment and it’s a great option for helping you stick to your regime when circumstances change unexpectedly.

5. Go online

One of the best things about the internet is that it gives you so much access to free information and inspiration. Who needs to splash out on a new cookbook when the internet is awash with healthy food bloggers sharing their amazing recipes? We love And, if paying for a PT is way out of your budget right now, why not sign up to one of the awesome free fitness providers online? and Carly’s Rowena’s youTube channel have some great optiosn – and they’re completely free! And if you’re looking for food/fitness or just general healthy living inspo, instagram and twitter a packed with fit bods looking to share their top tips – we love Helle Hammonds on Instagram and @TaraStiles, @LottieLMurphy and @CatMeffan on Twitter.



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