Chini ka Roza- Exploring Agra

chini ka rauza

Allama Afzal Khan Mullah, was the prime minister in the court of Shah Jahan. Being as Prime Minister, he was a great poet. During the period rule of Shah Jahan, he had great love towards architecture. He has built, several monuments, and masterpieces, which is bestowed with the poet writing of his prime minister Allama Afzal Khan Mullah. The most of the monuments and forts in Agra, and Mughal architect, is either in Red stone or in white marble finishing.  (more…)


Unseen Taj Mahal- Exploring Agra


When we speak about ‘Taj Mahal‘, the image that is created in one’s mind is of a beautiful white domed marble mausoleum representing the essence of Mughal architecture. And in front of it is a large garden with a reflecting pool dividing it at the center. A monument that symbolizes love standing the test of time. (more…)

Agra Fort- Exploring Agra


Agra, the historic town of province is known for its buildings and monuments. Whereas some are representative of typical Mughal design, others show relatively fashionable usage of stones and marble. additionally few buildings show a remarkable mixture of each. Agra fort is one such structure.
Agra Fort may be a world notable monument that has been declared as a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage website. It’s around 2.5 metric linear unit northerly of world famed mausoleum. The Fort is a lot of of a walled town in itself. (more…)

Taj Mahal Mosque – Exploring Agra

Taj Mahal, the fine arts marvel, that’s one amongst the seven wonders within the world, is increased by a building that stands on its western aspect. created of red arenaceous rock, the house of prayer serves 2 functions. As per the Muslim law, having an area of worship close to a sepulture may be a should. At constant time, it balances its reflection that stands on its opposite aspect, the guest house. Thereby, it provides good symmetry to the design of mausoleum on the complete.



Built by Isa Mohammad, the house of (more…)

History Of Bulund Darwaza- Exploring Agra


The monumental entranceway facing south was engineered by Akbar because the main entrance to the place of worship to commemorate his conquest over Deccan in 1601, in line with the Persian inscriptions on the entree. referred to as Buland Darwaza, it stands to the current day eloquently expressing the grandeur of Akbar’s empire. Standing on the very best purpose of the ridge, it is 40.84 m high and was engineered on a platform that was thirteen.52 m high. A fine example of Muslim design, it’s semi polygon in arrange and 2 smaller triple-storeyed wings on either aspect.

The central entree is richly decorated with a broad band of yellow buff arenaceous rock, deckle-edged by (more…)