Frozen Lakes of India


With the relentless heat abating, it certainly is a blessing to be able to venture into colder places to experience the snow and the icy panoramas that winter has to offer.  As winter advances and some lakes freeze, there’s nothing like winter’s balm to alleviate one’s lassitude. If the snow queen actually existed, she would have been chuffed to bits! Here’s a list of some of India’s frozen paradise of great lakes situated at greater heights. (more…)


Sri Aurobindo Ashram Nainital- Exploring Himalayas


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The Himalayan Center of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nainital is a significant branch of its namesake ashram, which is situated in Delhi. It is the Himalayan centre for the group dedicated to yoga and meditation. An important centre of learning of these ancient disciplines, it aims at providing complete relaxation, good health and peace of mind. (more…)