Samsung Gear S 2



Samsung is definitely a veteran on the smartwatch scene, perhaps even more so than LG. The Korean giant has already done a few experiments in the field, some of which arguably quite successful, but the Gear S2 might just be the biggest one yet.

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The Gear S2 is radically different from any other wearable Samsung has put out. There is, of course, the obvious fact that it is the first to utilize a round form-factor, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The new Gear is yet another radical development in Samsung’s wearable family that has been frantically moving towards and then away from standardization and the Android Wear OS. (more…)



Recipe Cook Time

: 15 Minutes


Dal Palak Ka Shorba is thinner in consistency than soup and a great way to start your meal. A warm and comforting dish with the goodness of lentils, spinach, ginger-garlic and mild spices. Season with fresh cream and a generous squeeze of lime. (more…)

iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3, New Apple Watch Models to Launch March 15


Apple will hold its first event of this year on March 15, multiple reports claim. The company is expected to launch its rumoured 4-inch iPhone 5se and the iPad Air 3 at the event. The Cupertino-based company will also utilise the show to launch new models and bands of the Apple Watch.

People craving for a 4-inch smartphone from Apple will finally get the iPhone they want at the March event, 9to5Mac reports, in the form of the iPhone 5se. The anticipated iPad Air 3, the successor to the company’s iPad Air 2, will also be launched at what is being said to be a small affair event, reported BuzzFeed News corroborating 9to5Mac’s report. (more…)

Mrs. Biswas

I was at a school for a workshop, when I heard it for the first time in ages. It was barely audible above the shouting of children — the laughter and sound bubbling from the school playground into the classroom windows. But it was there: the swish of silk saris and the jingle jangle of bangles on thin wrists like wind chimes.

This is what learning sounds like. I remember. I remember my school.

I remember when I was 10 years old, the principal of my School was Mrs. Biswas. She was the size of a nightlight, and she glided like a sailboat through the hallways of our school. (more…)

Nokia 230, Nokia 230 Dual SIM


Microsoft has unveiled Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM feature phones. Both the phones have been priced at $55 (approximately Rs. 3,700) before local taxes and subsidies.

The Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM will go on sale in India next month. The phones sales are also expected to start in December in Asia, and the Middle East. The company confirmed that other markets will follow in 2016. At the time of writing, neither of the two handsets was listed on the company site. (more…)

Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake

Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake

Recipe Servings



Recipe Cook Time


40 minutes

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The sinful chocolate cake gets a healthy spin in this recipe with the use of ragi flour. The result is a soft, moist cake that will make it hard to resist reaching out for another piece.


How to Use Kindle as a Read It Later Device


When you think of Amazon’s Kindle, the first thing that would come to your minds is probably books. But for people like me who read more articles online than books, this e-book reader can be immensely useful too. After buying a Kindle Paperwhite during Amazon’s latest sale, I explored the possibility of using it as a read it later device, to catch up on articles and blog posts in my free time. (more…)

Mud Slide- Chocolate Vodka

iStock Mud Slide

Recipe Servings



Recipe Cook Time


10 minutes


A delicious and creamy Kahlua-based cocktail which is actually a dessert in disguise.


Home Remedies for Dark Circles: How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Fast


Even some of the most stunning women often have to resort to concealers and make-up to hide their dark circles. Not only do these under-eye circles make you look much older than what you actually are, but they also have you looking ill or unhealthy.

Before we even begin this natural journey, let me tell you that dark circles take time to cure and require great discipline. A regular skin and health care program should be followed, by the book, so do not expect magic to happen overnight. (more…)